Expert solutions for Android development

Our company has more than seven years of successful experience in development of software, which maintains high load and large volume of data. Our professional programmers build hi-tech applications for iOS, Android, and many other platforms.
Our IT firm believe is that any complex and multifunctional system should be intuitive and friendly in use. Therefore every our project perfectly meets requirements of a client and satisfies the most demanding needs of users.

Android benefits

When you are equal to an app creation, the main thing to do is to choose the platform for development. In spite of the fact that today there are tens of operating systems, most of the people usually decide between two most popular OS of the Californian origin occupying more than 80% of the market – iOS from Apple, and Android from Google.
First of all, it is necessary to define the target audience. If you expect to win general public, Android is the best platform to work with. However, if you are sure that your users use mainly Apple gadgets, then you should better consider iOS app development.
Speaking about the development of the Android apps, it is necessary to mark popularity of this OS. Even in comparing with the principal competitor Apple, Android has a huge share in the market — more than 70%. That is, seven of ten owners of smart devices use a gadget on the basis of the Android.
The choice of platform from Google a priori means spanning of a far bigger audience: it is used not only on smartphones and pads, it is applied in cars, audio systems, electronic books, TV and in other devices relating to the Internet.
Besides, Google has fixed the majority of annoying defects: vulnerability of system, OS sluggishness on low-power devices, etc. The design of applications, at last, came to the standard Material Design — the company created guidelines for developers therefore now applications will look remarkably.
  • Partial open code
  • Informative and animated widgets
  • Google services
  • Reasonable and functional
  • Reasonable and functional

Partial open code

Android operating system is in many respects similar to the Google Chrome browser. The kernel remains the same, but manufacturers can rewrite and adapt to the needs of users the visual component and many functional things for mobile phones. Apple products have neither such ample customization nor interface opportunities.

Informative and animated widgets

Mobile OS from Google has a wide range of possibilities to develop widgets for convenient use of any application in one click right from a home screen. Besides, on some models, you can even change and transform the sizes of a widget. We can also develop a stylish widget for the app to make it handier and eye catching.

Google services

of cloud services of the Google company are already preset and work better, than at many other platforms. We will help you to launch the app on Google Play and provide all kinds of support to make the product the most remarkable and popular among the core audience.

Reasonable and functional

The Android mobile operating system — is an inexpensive method to adjoin to the modern digital market. The initial price of the budgetary smartphones begins from $100 that of course promotes its popularity and accessibility among all groups of buyers. You will easily find the core audience among users of Android-based devices and will be able to integrate your software in the smartphones of employees without any additional spendings on equipment.

Fast-growing Google Play Market.

Android has its modern app store where it is possible to download any of thousands of applications capable of expanding a smartphone functionality. Google Play is modern, quick and convenient. This means that the software will be available for the wide audience, while its functionality will be as handy and user-friendly as on other famous platforms.

IT technologies for business

So that a modern entrepreneur receives the most favorable conditions for business running, he should hold two main conditions:
  • Fixed growth of sales
  • Constant control of all working activities and fast interaction between personnel
This combination occurs quite seldom because it is not a simple task to keep up with multiple everyday processes. New technologies can solve most of the problems an enterprise may face and allow companies to raise productivity to the maximum level.

How to Create an Android App

There are several ways to develop an application:
  • Use app making sites and develop it on your own
  • Master programming languages;
  • Hire professional developers.
Every way has its pros and cons, and you should make the right choice according to your skills and needs.
  • Sites for application development
  • Become a Developer
  • Possibilities of wireless gadgets
  • Mobile electronic commerce

Sites for application development

If you need a simple app and have a lot of time and desire, but no programming skills, you can choose one of the app makers available on the Internet. Such sources usually have various video tutorials and manuals, which can significantly help beginners to develop their first mobile application. It is an affordable decision for professionally-looking apps. Unfortunately, such applications just look functional but do not feel so far. They often lack the options needed, and you are forced just to choose pre-made templates and options to be added. As a result, functionality becomes extremely limited, and there will be no guarantees of successful use. Of course, this way seems to be the cheapest one, however, though creation is usually free, its maintenance and additionals options, as a rule, require a monthly payment.

Become a Developer

Every profession needs special education and tools. To learn programming skills people usually get their degree, and you should not count on simple and easy time spending. If you firmly decide to develop applications, learn a programming language and how to use tools. Java is the programming language you need. It is used on numerous operating systems and devices, including Windows and Linux based. As for the tools, you should better start with Android’s IDE and SDK. It also required to get access to useful libraries to get an opportunity to add new features without coding everything from scratch.
But before start learning programming languages, make sure that you have the equipment to work with and create a developer account. Good news: Google play requires only one-time payment of $25 for registration. Then you will be able to create software for any platform whether it is Linux or Windows.

Possibilities of wireless gadgets

In business there are no insignificant moments and practically every constituent can make a big profit. In the time of wireless technologies, there are more and more possibilities for a business to make use of gadgets:

- Automatisation of the majority of processes;

- Spending reduction;

- Optimization of sources use and many others.

To find an ideal solution, it is enough to execute a couple of simple steps – to order development of software, which will be used as a basic element of work of employees, as a convenient tool for communication with clients or as a source of distribution and promotion. With our applications, you will feel the difference in the shortest terms.

Mobile electronic commerce

Mobile e-commerce is a process which implies carrying out purchase and sale transactions using wireless data transfer. This significantly simplifies work of staff and accelerate the working process. We can develop applications, which allow monitoring not only the number of purchases but also activities of personnel.

Development stages

Android applications development generally happens on one algorithm. We have elaborated the step-by-step procedure to achieve the best results.
  • Specification. At our first personal meeting with a client we find out the main idea of the app. We specify all the details, which may be useful in our further work: purpose, navigation elements, functionality and so on. By this data, we calculate the price and the terms of work.
  • Design. Specialists elaborate a prototype, taking into account all features of the platform we work with. It can be interactive or static. Further our designers develop a user-friendly interface, according to the latest trends of the digital market.
  • Development. Our programmers write code, create intermediate versions and perform initial testing of every stage.
  • Testing. When the design and usability are determined, bugs are eliminated, we test the product on different devices: phones and tablets with the Android operating system.
  • Release. At this stage we register a client in the store, and the app moves to Google moderation.
  • Technical support. After programming, we don't leave our clients and provide post-release help. Our persistent developers will adapt the application to the changing conditions and will not stop ameliorating the program till it becomes exactly what we have planned to get.
  • Market promotion. At this stage, we are engaged in promotion of the project to make users not only download it but use for a long time running.
As you can see, the development process takes some time. We consider that the accurate structure of work is a guarantee of quality. Therefore we distribute time for each of stages and always keep you aware of every step.

Create an Android app with our development company

The best way to get high-quality app with no risks and excessive efforts is to cooperate with professional software developers.
Our company provides the full range of services on software building to the businesses worldwide. Our team consists of 100+ technical specialists: software creators, business analysts, project managers and quality engineers. Our specialists daily build applications, various on the scale and the technologies used. Tell us about the problems you need to solve or expose the idea, and we will find the best solution for your case. You will not only get a hi-tech application but also guarantees of quality and post-production support.

Choose the type of software you need

Conditionally all applications can be divided into three types:
  • Web application is a cross-platform program which can work only in a browser and displayed on any smartphone. Such apps need short-term development with small investments.
  • Hybrid apps can use web technologies (such as HTML, JavaScript and CSS), but also have access to the functionality of a mobile phone. There is an opportunity to make some changes, without releasing the new version. It is also an excellent option to realize the idea and to look at the result, because such apps can be placed in stores. By definition, it is native apps with implemented HTML.
  • Native software is more advantageous to functionality and speed of work. You can distribute it through app stores and involve new customers. Of course, development of native apps needs more time and investments, but you will receive the pay-off in the most shortest terms.
Android is the most widespread platform, and it gives access to hundred frames, aiming to advance the applications on top.
We can develop any mobile applications for Android, that will become an essential tool at reasonable price.

Let’s build apps together

Mobile applications development for Android and IOS — is what we are professionals in. Throughout the entire period of creation and promotion, our team provides consultations to customers, gives technical support and finds the best solutions for every unique affair.
If you want to order mobile applications for Android, describe us your ideas, and we will transform them into highly functional and profitable product.