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Need outstanding software with exclusive design and user-friendly interface? Hire our team of ingenious designers and programmers and open new horizons of your on-line presence.
Our company has been successfully engaged in IT development for more than 7 years, and we continue to augment our potential and enlarge possibilities. Our team members are highly professional developers, managers, and marketing specialists, who are ready to give the benefit of their experience for the common interest.
  • Experience in app design
  • Create your software with professional designers
  • Сonvenient interface for prosperity

Experience in app design

Our company provides app development services for various devices. We work on native applications created separately for every OS and also on cross-platform (hybrid) software.
The vast diversified portfolio of our designers is full of prosperous projects for clients from all over the world. We are proud of all kinds of the software we produce:

- useful utilities;

- mobile services;

- content programs;

- corporate applications and more.

Create your software with professional designers

Undoubtedly, you have already thought of the concept of a mobile application of the startup or bear the idea for business optimization. The main thing we want to learn about the future project before we start working is the general goal you want to achieve. Development of mobile applications implies the solution of a particular objective. As an example, you can order development of an app giving your clients access to the products or services right from the mobile device. Or to charge us with the creation of the utility able to coordinate the work of employees.
Most often software programming and design purposes are:

- optimizations and accelerations of business processes;

- increases in customer loyalty;

- strengthen of the "effect of presence";

- increases in sales of goods or service.

The purposes for mobile app creation are unlimited. Our programmers and app designers are ready to cooperation in any direction. Just define a problem, and we will find an optimum way of its decision and high-quality development on reasonable price.

Сonvenient interface for prosperity

One of the most important development aspects of a successful product for IOS, Android or any other platform, is its appearance, that is the development of design and the user interface.
An attractive and pleasant design of screens, accurate buttons and visual effects in the right places will cause the positive emotions of users, create a good impression about your project and induce to use it once again.
The external design of a mobile application is inseparably linked with developing of its User Interface. Clear and handy navigation will provide maximum efficiency of visual communication with a user.
The Interface creation of future product begins at a stage of specification, and it is a component of design development. Our designers will create beautiful and friendly appearance of the app taking into account your wishes and world trends.

Profitable partnership with designers

Design development is a complicated process with several stages:
  • The analysis of the initial information we get and specification of all the points;
  • Development of 2-3 versions of the main screen and one minor. Coordination with a client;
  • A client choose the most pleasant options and specify necessary adjustments;
  • Introduction of all changes and joint final coordination of style and color-graphic design of future app;
  • Thoughtful drawing of every screen;
  • Сoordination of all the design with a client, specifying adjustments if necessary. Introduction of all final adjustments;
This way you take an active part in all stages of the creation process and can be sure that with our app designers you will get what you need.

Interaction user - application

During software development, its advantages and inherent simplicity are the most important aspect our designers pay attention to. If the final product remains unprofitable on these conditions, it doesn't bear any customer value. Besides, in case an app has an awkward interface, it will have a high level of refusals, even if it is quite useful in general.
  • Principles of successful development
  • Convenience of reading
  • Stages of development
  • Testing & Launch
  • Technical support
  • Market promotion

Principles of successful development

To achieve the best results we follow simple and, at the same time, important principles:

- No overload. Each programmer and designer pay a lot of attention to a client. This helps to understand the needs better and to implement only necessary options and buttons to avoid overcharge with different menus and references.

- Intuitively clear navigation. Use of similar elements allows each user to receive clear understanding, having only looked at the interface. If you have to implement something new, we always try to find in it the habitual moments which will help to clear up its essence and a method of interaction. Therefore if you want to diversify the application with special navigation, then you should understand that the most successful option – use of the proved and conventional products.

- Flexible interaction. Our designers always make sure the app looks great and convenient on different screens.

- Touch management. Speaking about an application interface, in addition to an intuitive understanding of actions, a user will surely wish to manage it easily. Therefore you shouldn't invent intricate combinations of buttons, and we usually recommend to allow users to manage your app by touching display of a gadget.

Convenience of reading

Many application users complain that on the websites there is not enough information. Our designers always make sure that the customer can quickly obtain new information. At the same time, it is desirable to create such style and size of the text, which will meet desires of most of the direct customers. New customers’ interest and long stay directly depend on the convenience of reading.

Stages of development

The design is only a part of the multilevel development process requiring a lot of time and skills from the staff. With our company, you can be sure that every stage of creation is managed by the highly qualified team.


At our first meeting, you tell us the idea of your app (to save confidentiality of your information we, as a rule, suggest to sign "The nondisclosure agreement"). Together with our developers and designers you will define the main functionality of the application, navigation elements, a platform of future program and other general moments. Programming always begins with the compilation of the specification on which the final cost is based and the time frames are determined.


People used to estimate anything new in the first 3 seconds, that is why our app designers pay enormous attention to visual perception of the project, convenience of navigation and clear interface.

Server part

A server part is a starting point of any bespoke application. We divide the development process into the following phases:

Server architecture

We plan and create server architecture: databases, authorization methods, algorithms of data loading, caching, pagination and many other things.


API defines the functionality of server logic. If to consider the server as "a black box," then API is a set of "hands" which are available to the user of this box, and using which he can get the components needed. In other words, API is a necessary part of the general client-server infrastructure.

Administrative platform

The main tool of software management is an administrative platform which is created for each project separately, proceeding from its purposes and tasks. At the same time, all changes made appear at once in a mobile app.


Statistical data on a surplus of users, their activities (likes, comments, messages) are necessary to make an efficient evaluation of the project, daily attendance in general and of its separate sections, time frames of callings, sex and age of users and a lot of other things.

Client side

Front-end of the project, it is written separately as it is implemented in different programming languages. It is also what users of the app will see.

Testing & Launch

The important stage to find out whether everything works properly on all levels. Our professional testers check the functionality and programmers improve the minor bugs or malfunctioning if there is any.
So that the product was published on behalf of the client, separate registration of the account of a developer is required. After that, the application moves on moderation of, for example, Apple, and there is a procedure of consideration which takes up to 7 working days.
But do not afraid of the complexity of the publication procedure— we will be happy to undertake it or will offer you a step-by-step explanation.

Technical support

Each project needs technical support as the world doesn't stand still and in particular IT world. There are new versions of operating systems, new devices, the number of users grows, the defects connected with the growth of loadings appear, etc.. The application needs to be adapted to the changing conditions and demands support in critical conditions. We allocate two types of technical assistance:


Includes operational editing of arising defects, fixed monitoring of loadings and recommendations about service scaling.


Includes all necessary compounds of maintenance in urgent conditions regardless of the changing situation of the mobile industry.

Market promotion

As well as the web websites, mobile applications need advertising. As an example, AppStore contains more than 500 000 applications, and about 500 new are published every day. That your app will be seen and downloaded by the maximum number of users, we render all kinds of promotion services.

How much does app development cost?

There is no doubt that it is the main question to designers from everyone, who wants to receive a good product. Some clients seem a little surprised at an average cost, but we always keep transparent pricing.
The final price depends on many essential factors:
  • Involvement of specialists required. Among them: designers, testers, programmers and many others.
  • A lot of things depend on client’s requirements. You can wish the software to be user-friendly and attractive, with a set of screens, improbable graphics. With our app designers everything is possible, but, as well as all high-quality, unique projects require investments.
  • The amount of the time spent. This point is closely connected with the previous one. That is, the ideas and desires of the client can directly influence time which will be required for order fulfillment.
  • Individual approach. We don't work on a template, and we start development from the ground up to make it the best solution for your business.
  • Platform. The software which will be suitable for one version of IOS won't always work on the earlier, not to speak of diversity of Android-based gadgets. Therefore if you want your app to be universal, it is necessary to adapt a product for this purpose.
Nevertheless, we always discuss all possibilities, budget expectations and find the best solution at a fair price.
When you start thinking of the terms, you should remember that quality needs its time. Our work consists of a set of stages aiming at development optimization:
  • meeting with a client –to specify desires of the customer;
  • planning – to define the cost and terms of performance;
  • design – to develop a prototype and an interface portrayal;
  • direct development – to write code;
  • testing – to reveal bugs and estimate the functionality;
  • launch – to make the project see the light of a day;
  • support – to adapt the app to the arising conditions and to consult.
As you can see, the process of development requires some time to implement the initial plan. Individual approach to each project and exclusive quality are the main principles we are guided by.

Your team of designers is here!

Give us your idea, and we will shape it in a hi-tech software, which will gain only positive user experience.
We know how to create the right interface able to make your app the handiest tool for successful business updating.