Skillful App Developers in the USA: Hire your Dream Team

Our team unites 160+ proficient and creative specialists ready to propose the best solutions to optimize management processes of your enterprise and unlock the potential of all resources.
If you want to build a proper software with powerful functionality and user-friendly interface, our skilled and experienced developers will shape your ideas into outstanding and most advanced application.
We are proud of our talented specialists, which have a huge portfolio of successful projects for different industries. Our staff members are:
  • Mobile app developers
  • Web creators
  • Graphic and logo designers
  • UI builders
  • UX testers
With our company, your business is in safe hands!
  • Services we provide in the USA
  • Our Experience
  • Software for all needs
  • How much does app development cost

Services we provide in the USA

Our US app developing company offers all kinds of IT services:
1. Applications programming

- Android: Phones, Tablets

- iOS: iPhone, iPad

- Client-server decisions

- Integration with the existing systems

- Post-production support

2. Analysis of business and market of applications

- The help with the idea of your application

- Analysis of applications of competitors

3. Technical part

- Publication in AppStore

- Launch in Google Play

- Maintain your application, implement users support and consulting, add new functionality

Our firm believe is that good mobile software should be efficient, intuitive and beautiful. User experience is based on a clear and intuitive interface design of an app, and our developers will do everything possible to combine this two compounds of future success. You can be sure that your future app will correspond all business purposes and will attract the core public to use it on any suitable occasion.

Our Experience

Our company has a vast experience in software development for small businesses and huge companies from the USA and all around the world we have been working with for over 6 years. We have explored different industries and companies running processes to provide the clients with the products they need.
We know how to cover enterprises’ and entrepreneurs’ needs, whether it is:

- Internal processes optimization and automation;

- Staff recruitment and training;

- Communication with partners and vendors;

- Customer management or any other task.

The developers of our US company build programs, change the way people run business and ameliorate all the working processes in compliance with their preferences and requirements. Our clients from all over the world can already boast their secure and efficient applications, well-known among the general public.

Software for all needs

- Applications for business which makes difficult processes simple. Developers can integrate the difficult functionality of the website in a mobile app without loss of quality.

- Applications for communication. A secret dream of every second startup — to create the social network. The success of Tinder and Snapchat showed that the idea is still viable, and it is necessary to realize it in a format of a mobile application. It is convenient — users generate content, quickly and densely getting used to communication in a new format. When there are enough active users, the social network can be monetized.

- Applications to raise a customer loyalty — it is also possible. If you noticed that your clients use smartphones, encourage it. And our developers will help you to create the application, which will facilitate the use of services and reduce long and tiresome process. People will estimate care, you will receive the reliable channel of return.

How much does app development cost

App development is not a luxury, but a real necessity for every business in the USA and anywhere in the world. Our developers will investigate your idea or problems you need to solve. You will get the full understanding of possible solutions and a price for the software, that will be a unique product, enabling your enterprise to become more mobile and prosphere.
Our company follows the policy of transparent pricing. Though some projects may be estimated from $45-60K, the costs can considerably vary and should be considered in details with every client. We always evaluate prices based on the task and volume of works and take into account your expectations and budget.
  • How we develop applications
  • User behavior analytics, design, and prototyping
  • Interface design
  • Development of native and cross-platform mobile applications
  • Agile approach
  • Web applications and API development
  • Maintenance and support
  • Open communication and feedback

How we develop applications

Our core principles of software development are quality and high competitiveness of the software. We always aimed at full understanding of your products and services, the strategy of your business running and current demand in the industry. As professional USA app developers, we clearly understand the importance of every detail and always try to use all clues you give to provide the best solution.

User behavior analytics, design, and prototyping

First of all, we formulate an idea or a problem we need to solve and carry out research of the USA and world market. Analyzing business challenges, we create an interactive prototype of the user interface. Having a detailed prototype of the interface, the developers will give an estimation of cost and periods for any web or mobile app creation, because now the project participants can see how everything will work and look.

Interface design

At a prototyping stage, we resolve issues of functionality and the user experience. Questions of stylistics and important details are debugged at a design stage, and a mobile application becomes not only functional but attractive and memorable.
The sympathetic design of web applications makes them convenient and available on different devices. Our designers work in tight contact with developers, therefore, the embodiment of interface occurs as fast and smoothly as possible.

Development of native and cross-platform mobile applications

We make software for iOS, Android, Windows and other platforms. Our developers have an experience with complex apps for a vast variety of devices. Except native, we develop cross-platform applications as well.
In our work, we always use the most convenient strategies, including Agile approach.

Agile approach

Characteristic features of Agile approach to development refer to differentiation of possible risks, independent organization, predictability, operational responses to changings and stable interaction (feedback). Self-organization eliminates an excessive management structure, need for team members control, each of which undertakes a certain responsibility. It will be a guarantee of performance and release of a high-quality product.
This approach can be determined as:

- Iterative

- Modular

- Increasing

- Adaptive

- Uniting

The agile method of production help to control risks and decrease time and money spending. With the use of Agile methodology, various aspects of team activities are integrated among themselves. Thus the concept is based on correct particular purposes, while approaches and methods of work are constantly enhanced.

Web applications and API development

We provide web services for business and startups, develop documentary API for mobile applications, create sympathetic web pages which work in the majority of browsers. For server development our programmers use Java,PHP, NodeJS, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and other tools. If you need any web solution, our team will help you to make the right choice and provide the best solution for your business.

Maintenance and support

Our projects are independent and highly functional structures that live a long life, develop and adapt to the needs of users. We are interested in long-term relations with clients and render help and consultations at all stages of software life on any related issues.
We understand that enterprises may often have in-house developers or even a creative team. We are always ready to work in cooperation with your experts to achieve the best results.

Open communication and feedback

We aim at the partnership with the clients. Our communication principles are based on maximum transparency, timely informing on problems, and friendliness. We try to make cooperation the most comfortable for you:

- Weekly reports - you find out a current status of the project, forecasts of terms, plans for the next week, probable risks and also you receive reminders on the decisions demanded.

- Regular demonstrations - we practice step-by-step delivery of works with fixed demonstration of results carried out upon termination of each stage. You can not only get acquainted with our team but also ask questions and propose amendments directly to developers of your app. It allows us to understand better your ideas and what you want to receive.

- Direct contact with developers and manager - we consider that it is important for the solution of urgent questions.

Why work with us

  • Creative design- Any user estimates a product at the first 30 seconds of use, proceeding only from its appearance. Our developers know how to make your application the most pleasant to your core audience
  • Projects of any complexity - We can realize projects of any complexity, from simple offline application, to the multiuser online service. You are not limited to the ideas, while we are not limited in possibilities.
  • Unique ideas - Let us apply all development experience to create a unique application you need.
  • Cooperation with the client - Discussion and amending the project doesn't come to an end on agreement signature, we are ready to supplement and change any parameters on all cycle of development, to complete satisfaction of your requirements
  • Applications support - We guarantee that your app will correctly work in any situation, and at the same time, we are ready to correct any possible error in a code at any time.

US app developers for small and large businesses

We work with all clients regardless the volume of works and the complexity of software they need. We guarantee that the software we build is affordable not only to large corporations, but also to small businesses, and in both cases, we always provide only flawless and highly efficient applications, which pay off in the long run. Moreover, we will help you to ameliorate the reputation of the enterprise and establish close relations with customers by creating a software corresponding to all your needs.