The ideas that came true

Theater for everyone

(a website with opportunity to book tickets)

As theater lovers, we were happy to collaborate with a local theater and redesigning their website to attract more visitors and make theater more accessible. We not only integrated tickets booking system but made the site more user-friendly and easy-to-use. Now website provides only the most relevant information due to integrated CMS and creates great user experience even for those who visited the site from their mobile devices due to responsive design.


(a website for Springfield gym)

We participated in redesign process for a gym in Springfield which became outdated and didn’t meet our client’s requirements any longer. The gym offers personalized training to their customers. Our client wanted to find a better way to inform gym visitors about training programs, schedules, promotions and other information. We designed a mobile-friendly and modern design. We collaborated with gym team to make the design which reflects their style and create higher brand awareness. Our team also implemented Live Chats, Contact form, and CMS which allows regularly update and edit website information without the help of IT specialists.

Lighted house

(a website for electric contracting company)

One of our projects was connected with an electrical contractor that provides residential and commercial electric services. The company was looking for establishing professional relationships with their customers and attracting target audience by means of first-class electric services and exceptionally positive experience. To achieve these goals they needed to redesign their website, make it up to date and mobile-friendly. Our web developers helped to improve user experience making it intuitive, responsive and adaptive. We also added a clear call to action integrating email marketing system. We also implemented custom CMS which helps our customer to edit and update their site and portfolio section.

Indie life

(an apartment haunting app)

One of our experiences in real estate industry was connected with a development of web application for desktop computers. We also developed mobile versions for Android tablets and iPads. The web application was aimed at helping students to find an apartment nearby their colleges. We designed our web solution based on Google Maps and implemented multiple search parameters starting with location and housing type to rental prices, pets and so on. Our developers also implemented registration form which provides registered user advanced options, such as saving favorite listings, submitting, and getting pre-approved.

Railway app

(an optimization web app for railway network)

In tight collaboration with the Eastern Australian railway network, we developed a web application that automates railway fault detection and facilitates work of the technical engineers. Smart web software monitors hardware reliability, analyses statistics, and send regular reports. To manage process such volumes of data our developers created a separate background service which analyses the data and improves performance and output.


(a planning web application)

Our customer company approached with an idea of a new web tool for creating better planning strategies. The purpose of this tool is to improve production and management processes. Our top priority was to make such a complex web app as easy-to-use as possible. We studied our target audience to design an app that matches their needs and has an intuitive UX design. This user-friendly app allows to compose, update and follow the schedules, create dependencies, host web links and so much more encouraging a collaborative approach.