Custom Application Development Services to Realize Your Digital Dreams

We create state-of-the-art custom solutions that open new horizons for your business.

Areas of Expertise

With years of experience in custom application development, we offer professional programming services and expertise, marketing and strategic promotion, design, cloud and SaaS for companies of all sizes.

  • Mobile apps We provide custom mobile application development services - native iOS and Android programs as well as cross-platform mobile packages.
  • Web application. Customized cloud-based and SaaS-based cloud-based services and state-of-the-art frameworks.
  • UX / UI project. Revenue will be greatly accelerated, bringing our services to your company with innovative, feature-based projects and an unforgettable user experience.

Services We Provide

Investigate, experiment, develop and fully support your application.

  • Strategies and plans
  • UX Search
  • Proof of concept
  • Quality assurance

Developing custom application engineering tailormade IT services to help you achieve your business aspirations is at the heart of the strategic planning component of our initial development proposal for our company.

Why is it important?

The discovery phase of the research phase is a technique for identifying the need and technical impulses that contribute to achieving unique business objectives. Records collected at all stages of the discovery process will impact all of the following steps for the development of custom apps and will be used as a central idea for the Business Requirements Specification Report.

What are we going to do?

The key parameters for identifying, documenting, and adopting a project are the most critical tasks in all development processes. Together with our customers, our Custom Application Development Services team determines the technical and commercial feasibility of this concept, determine the initial scope and, from a technical point of view. After the experts clarified the scope and requirements, both the sponsor and the development team were confident that they shared the same priorities and looked for a global idea of ​​future apps that was very important in the custom development process.

You will not get a second chance to make the first impression. So we do our best to make the app more attractive, and easy to use.

It all starts with the research

The result is important, so our organization always starts with research. At this stage, we examine the business areas, all available requirements, diversity of viewers, usage context, and other input data to meet both functional and non-functional requirements. Believing with stakeholders at this stage is a great way to uncover the core desires and how UI / UX design can help companies get the results they need for custom applications.

Our Events

UX research in the UX Product Discovery section includes setting the market for applications, potential users, and essentials. Common methods of user experience research at this level of custom development include research, expert interviews, and stakeholder input - all together or separately. All of these activities must be completed to form the final vision, to become the core of product concept verification.


  • User map journey
  • User flow
  • User Stories

We have no doubt that your idea is brilliant. Unfortunately, larger concepts, greater possibilities, were realized by others. Our service will help you understand the uniqueness of the idea and fit perfectly into your company to create the best custom applications.

Feel the idea

Any technological innovation starts with ideas that must be carefully estimated, carefully crafted, and visualized to survive on the prototype. This phase is all about proof-of-concept about app conceptualization, making your ideas a more perceptive test.

Why do you need PoC?

Once you recognize the important features of the application and determine the application's appearance, developers can take it one step further. At this stage, the main objective is to demonstrate how this concept works and to affirm that the concept is within the scope of the business. From a technical point of view, PoC allows the detection of technical risks, including product performance or the ability to integrate with existing systems or applications. Developers, moreover, decide whether the budget reached during the analysis is sufficient for custom development.


Taking into account the client's desire in this specific time factor and agreed in an earlier stage; Deliverables can also mimic one or more of the end-to-end custom solutions from simple templates or click models to fully interactive products Features:

  • Mockup
  • Paper Prototype
  • Figure
  • Use the agreed function to operate the prototype

Due to the continuous quality assurance process and the test driven development process, our company guarantees the highest quality of all the services you receive.

Testing is an integral part of the workflow

Uninterrupted testing of the first code in the future is an important part of our quality assurance services. Developers think that quality is not value-added, but should be considered from the beginning of the project life cycle. At the stage of custom products in the form of PoCs, their viability, minimal usability and the potential risks that other customization enhancements may pose to a comprehensive application should be verified.

How the products look at the daylight

Verify, configure and manage - Our US-based IT company is fully capable of delivering services that address the toughest technology challenges and help put your custom apps on the market. We set requirements and standards, select applicable testing methods, and work with QA experts, hardware and infrastructure experts to create an operating environment that creates outstanding personalization tools that meet the most demanding business needs.


We create custom products that work perfectly to meet all technical requirements, integrate them consistently with existing corporate systems if necessary, and ensure that all requirements are met and that there is a perfect interaction with the main audience.

Why choose us

  • We help create unique custom solutions
  • We align with your business objectives
  • Developers provide the highest quality at a reasonable price

For more than seven years, our IT team are continuously improving our traditional methods of continuous improvement of agile methods to transform comprehensive technology into the best personalized application for startups and world-renowned brands.

As part of your team, you can assign a business analyst to ensure that all custom application development services are aligned with business goals.

Quality comes at a price, but our company knows how to maintain a reasonable price-quality ratio. All engineers are well-educated certified professionals with a degree in computer science.

IT partners qualified for all occasions

So you decide to:

  • Conquer the new market, go beyond the opposition
  • Create accurate custom applications
  • Requires out-of-date software upgrade

Experienced developers in our IT department are at your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Productive interaction
  • Transparent process
  • Work in progress
  • Released successfully
  • Rehabilitation and maintenance

Developers, designers, marketers and business analysts discuss their business and the issues that need to be addressed.

  • Check requirements and discuss expectations
  • Measure the scope of the commitment
  • State the agreement and set up a team for you

We've made your entire custom development process clear, track progress and provide explanations at every step when needed.

  • Define success criteria
  • Discover the main risks
  • Set the schedule
  • Write a useful resource plan

Each custom application created by our team is supervised by the functional office: software development, project management and quality assurance. We track your finances and combine these comments, questions, and comments to make it easy to deliver custom applications.

Your benefits:

  • You can see each iteration of the custom product and give feedback
  • Each sprint receives potential deliverables
  • You will get a product demo that integrates all the basic functions
  • Each time you adjust your business goals, you can request a change of plan

When you're satisfied with the product as it approaches the release date, we can plan to apply online at the right time. Planning services are crucial and allow us to provide the appropriate support.

  • Go ahead
  • Respond to changes

The launch of this application is just the beginning of a long development and upgrade cycle. To improve your digital business, we:

  • Gather the feedback you receive from users
  • Improve usability, ease of use, functionality and value
  • Describe and load new features so you can dominate the market

Unmatched technical experience

Technical support application development services.

As systematic changes in technological progress, our company allows you to find the right technology to perfectly follow the needs of the business. With our software engineering services, your products will shine with technological excellence and superior quality. Our programm architects always do preliminary researches to find the best way for the architecture of the software, before implementing the programming.

  • The Best Technology Kit
  • Industries we serve

Make technology simpler for business adoption, and experts help you understand how digital trends affect your workflow, and what tools, frameworks, and technologies best meet your needs to meet the needs of the marketplace.

  • Language

HTML 5, C # 5.0, C # 6.0, JavaScript, ES2016, TypeScript, CSS 3, Node.js

  • Library

D3 jQuery Require.js Async Express.js Sails.js Subluxation Lo-dash Passport Phantom.js Babel Lodash MongoDB DynamoDB DBs MySQL PostgreSQL

  • Brand

Bootstrap, SASS, Pen, Foundation, Emerald

  • Tools

Grunt, Gulp, Eslint, Browserify, Webpack, Babel

  • Architecture

Aurelia, Backbone, AngularJS 1.x, AngularJS 2.x, ReactJS, Redux, Marionette, Electron, Cordova

  • Integrated

Apps from Facebook, Google Docs, Stripes, QuickBooks, MailChimp, Authorize.NET, Twilio

  • Data integration

MySQL, PostgresSQL, Redis, Memcache, Elasticsearch, MongoDB, Beanstalk testing

Mocha, Ava, Jasmine, Chai, Codeception, PHPUnit, Prophecy, Sinon, Protractor, Taunt, Doctrine, Eloquent, Promote

Technical expertise, business-focused software solutions and in-depth knowledge of the industries we focus on enable our customers to rely on our team as a respected IT partner with practical knowledge.

Marketing and Advertising, Economic Services, Retail - Mobile Digital Solutions, Networks and Perfect Desktop for clients in these and other areas. Whether in real estate, entertainment or specialist services, our companies leverage the data-driven approach, broad experience and robust IT infrastructure to deliver robust apps and the best class-leading solutions that drive the business.