Outsourcing Software Development and Support

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Professional Services for Business Growth

Are you creating the first application to start a new venture? Or are you a midsize business looking for someone to trust when it comes to talking about your IT needs? Or maybe you're managing large companies looking for new ways to optimize and accelerate internal processes? Let us help!

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  • Core Skills and Competencies

Our main goal is to provide first-class outsourcing software development services at a reasonable cost, ensuring that you get the best deals on the market.

Our strategy is simple - take note, understand, plan, implement and deliver. We provide our most intimate interest to know your desires and goals well. Next, we present a complete plan around maximum comfort and cost savings. We are quick to your satisfaction and we support your future aspirations and foundations.

Software development

We help customers simplify their approach and reduce costs with customized software development solutions.

Migration and system integration

Our outsourcers allow you to join its structure with unique migrations and seamless system integrations. An in-depth experience allows us to build first-class and more reliable exercises.


Identify and implement superior high-tech software to meet the demanding business conditions. We help organizations drive innovation and invest in the right technology to gain a competitive edge.

Assistance and transformation

As a trusted third party software development partner, we maximize capacity investment by providing technical and operational information to help organizations realize the maximum return on their software investment.

  • Cross Platform Mobile Solutions
  • Corporate mobile applications
  • Social apps
  • Map and navigation
  • Commercial and private productivity
  • The company is located at:
  • Web
  • Responsive site development
  • Custom e-commerce system
  • Content management system
  • Organization CRM and ERP structure
  • Electronic learning software
  • Cloud
  • Windows Azure Product
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Collaboration and productivity software programs
  • Extendable architecture
  • Development of mixed infrastructure (cloud and local)
  • E-commerce
  • Dynamic catalogs and shopping carts
  • Logistics and transport integration
  • Cost Gateway Integration
  • POS Software
  • Mobile E-commerce
  • Business Intelligence and Analysis
  • Statistical management and migration
  • Data modeling and architecture
  • Performance optimization
  • Important information
  • Business
  • B2B and b2C portals
  • Corporate Mobility
  • Content Management / Company Records
  • Comprehensive reporting tool
  • Commercially useful resource planning

Custom Software Development

Specialized outsourcing developers help customers streamline workflow and reduce expenses by customizing software development to bring value to their business. .

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  • Strategic Partnership

Our Information Technology Organization is a full service outsourced application development company that develops from customizing and maintaining proprietary systems to full-cycle outsourced projects. Our teams use practical practices and agile methods tested and tested to help companies grow, thrive and develop solutions critical to the project. We are committed to establishing long-term outsourced partnerships and delivering technology completely unique to our customers' needs. The Outsourcing Development Group adopts advanced strategies to meet the dynamic demand of the market and strives to provide the best value to the end user.

Our organization offers great importance in delivering consistent top-quality quality, on-time delivery and budget delivery. To do this, outsourced teams use system prototyping to facilitate refinement, reduce risk, and set the right priorities at the right time.

We work with our clients to gain a full awareness and form a common vision for facing complex business challenges. Practical experience has enabled us to recognize the most advanced practices and approaches that provide true and future-oriented solutions. We guarantee proven and high quality project management focused on seamless communication, transparency, reliability and market time.

Custom software development of a complete set of products.

  • Enterprise Software Program
  • Mobile Application
  • Web-based solution
  • E-commerce
  • Cloud-based software

Our team allows you to connect your structure to one another in unique migrations and continuous system integrations. Experience allows us to build real life and daily life more important.

We also use a number of strategies and tools:
  • Data integration: ETL pushes information from one system to another, the tools used are SSIS, custom SQL, Simego, and # code.
  • System integration: Outsourcing Web services, RESTful, SOAP or custom protocols; reliable authentication and information delivery technologies; OAuth authorization; sending information through HTTPS.
  • Single sign-on: Active Directory integration, SAML integration (AD FS), and LDAP protocol; single sign-on saves time and improves customer satisfaction.

Our company assists clients with business challenges and offers best practices.

Organizations that support innovation and invest in appropriate technologies gain competitive advantage in understanding their industries, markets and customers. We help you select the most appropriate solution to shape accurate business needs, streamline operations and deliver higher cost and resource performance.


The engineering industry companies are calling for outsourced development and we provide next-generation specialized software through professional consultants and we develop strategies to solve complex software development plans.

Public health and protection

Our US companies leverage their experience working with clients in different industries to create bespoke software for the public health and safety industry and provide a full range of outsourced services.

Multi-level advertising

Our team provides a robust outsourcing service to design powerful internet applications for web marketing management. These services are designed to provide flexible solutions that help teams develop their potential and reach the broadest audience.


Develop e-Learning Management Architecture, Online Remote Training Platform, Capacity Measurement, Exam Exam, Gamification Learning, and more.

Outsourcing developers provide critical BI and assessment with the help of careful research and identifying the company's most important performance drivers. Our technical consulting knowledge covers the entire life cycle of the outsourced project, from initial research and technical implementation to the evaluation and validation of results.

We bring together the industry's best knowledge, assessment knowledge, software and technology. In combination with an in-depth understanding of working processes, this skill skill enables business managers to provide valuable information in a wide range of industries. In this way, we can leverage the information provided by the customer to better understand and leverage the power of software and facilitate accurate decision making at all levels of the business lifecycle.

Our goal is to build strategic partnerships. We help companies improve their business by addressing technological challenges so they can focus on their core competencies and their primary goals.

The scope of outsourcing technical advice includes:

  • Initial Help
  • Business Expansion
  • Continuous operation

Outsourcing support and maintenance

Many organizations make significant investments in the development of critical software to improve overall operational performance, which creates additional end-user value and provides a competitive return. Our outsourcing team maximizes technical and operational support Improve the ability of such investments to help companies make the most of their solutions.

We offer flexible outsourced support services that make certain programs easy to run, downtime and customers that can handle new opportunities. As part of the product, we offer outsourcing of systems for corrective reorganization, maintenance of adaptive environment changes, third party acquisition and periodic protection to ensure that software packages adopt entirely new technologies.

  • Quality assurance
  • Managed security services
  • Data security
  • IT Support
  • Continuous support

Quality assurance is essential for all aspects of outsourced development companies, starting with the verification of the need and maintaining its importance through a possible start-up and continuous maintenance. Brilliant software on such practice results, and maximize fees and risks.

What do you get?

  • Protect investment in science and technology
  • Improve performance
  • The total cost of reducing project ownership
  • Maximize uptime for critical software packages
  • Compliance with industry standards

IT security is the number one question today, and we know how to do it.

IT security must become an integral part of the network infrastructure. Defects in the configuration and configuration of the network can go unnoticed and regularly find the whole aspect without defect. However, without proper and sustained attention, the overview can lead to security breaches, breaches and the possibility of downtime and lost records.

We offer robust and affordable IT cyber security solutions through structural and network equipment security auditing outsourcing services, IT security risk assessment within and outside the network, and infrastructure design to provide the right information without put the network at risk.

Reliable backup and data security services.

Because scanning is almost standard practice in all business areas, the likelihood of inactivity is very real and the speed associated with it can be substantial. Our company may be out of the way due to software or hardware failures or failures in our third party data security products. While some large organizations may also have an internal IT department, this is not economically viable for most organizations. This is our outsourcing team can come to rescue. As your company grows and evolves, we can assess your data security needs.

We work with you to plan your outsourcing IT support and provide the tools you need to get the job done. As you work with us, you will have the confidence to provide a reliable backup system for all your strategies in the foreseeable future.

Here are some things we offer for your IT support needs:

  • Cheap and economical solutions, support and maintenance
  • Remote assistance for lower rates
  • Active structure and network management / monitoring
  • Remote and Wi-Fi access settings and help
  • Network design and installation

We guarantee that we are very friendly and easy to work with. So if you are looking for a special IT outsourcing assistant for your business, just call us.

After the product starts or the data structure initially configured, the work does not finish. Outsourcing IT services can give your business additional support in upgrading your programm to the changes needs of the market environment. If you have a problem, there is always someone who can help you solve it. Contact us to build the best IT solution for your company.