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The US based software development company offers high quality services to businesses around the world.

What do we do?

  • Software development
  • Mobile and Web
  • Front-end programming
  • Full stack development
  • Improvement of IT staff
  • Science and Data Visualization
  • IT Consulting
  • Formation

Custom software development using state-of-the-art technology to support a wide range of systems to meet the demanding business needs.

Our company has helped many organizations and start-ups in the United States and around the world to create native iPhone and Android applications as well as multiplatform hybrid solutions. The development time is short, pay attention to first class quality and the Killer UI design is our goal to develop software.

We are experts in building impressive and feature rich front ends. Angular, Reagent, Knockout, Can - The developer of our company has mastered everything! Similar to the front-end mojo code, we bring design sensitivity to play.

Specifications. Layout. Architect. Programming. Installation and size. The developers of our company use J2EE, Mean, Rails, etc. to handle the full range of software development.

Our company provides expert expert experts who have some experience in Microsoft .Net and mobile systems.

This group of information scientists will help you learn machine learning and textual content analysis using R and Python. We encode your model for the size of the network. Sparks, Typhoon, Kafka, Luigi are part of our kit.

IT professionals advise on contemporary technologies and special practices, or create methods that meet the needs of customers.

Use our experience to analyze best practices for modern software development. We provide training using the Microsoft .Net platform.

We translate your ideas into Top-Notch software

From brainstorming sessions, meticulous prototyping to innovative extensions, software development companies in the US can help with software development.

  • Why choose us
  • How We Work
  • Confirm the result
  • Technology Stack

We are the heart of the merchants. Instead of simply encoding the software, we make every effort to make the product successful. We have mobile and backend talents to publish special projects.

Our company's engagement model is first-rate and can introduce your ideas into the app without problems. Short iterations and seamless integration so you can see your software as you develop.

Confirm software delivery records for leading companies and large companies. From enterprise solutions to thousands of downloaded client applications, developers in the US have done it all.

Rails, SQL, Java, Asp.Net, JavaScript, C #,Python, PHP, Html, Shopify, Ruby on Rails, Joomla, Magento, Node.js, Wordpress, Cloud Computing

Framework: Codeigniter, Symfony, Cakephp, Laravel

Web Development

At US headquarters, we are a team of experts who solve consumer problems in the best possible way. We recognize the requirements of the client's company, we propose solutions and we set up qualified developers to create configurable and economical software that can scale as business conditions change.

  • Construction of software
  • UI / UX Project
  • Design and development of custom database
  • Legacy app Migration
  • The software our company produces is used by many of the most important companies in the US.
  • Our company follows the best practices of modern software development.
  • We recommend customers in pros and cons with viable strategies so they can make informed decisions.
  • US developers expand support for multiple browser applications - IE, Chrome, Safari, Firefox.

Main platforms: Microsoft .Net, ASP.Net, Java, Spring.

  • Well-structured software needs superior design to perform its functions and capabilities.
  • The UI design should consider a variety of structures - cell phones, tablets and computer systems, and the utilities should work seamlessly on all platforms.
  • The user experience should be enjoyable, user clicks, touch times, scroll times should be reduced.
  • US companies use CSS3, HTML5, and Jquery to develop code to get the UX needed on multiple systems.
  • Designers create simple but attractive user interface layouts.
  • The database is a real resource for any company that needs to scale and meet the needs of contemporary users.
  • Designing a database from scratch and retaining its vast experience has separated us from other US development companies.
  • We create DBs that store millions of facts and generate business intelligence comments
  • Index and Keys for expert consultation.
  • Stored Procedures, Views, Triggers, Roles, and Job Specialists.

Key database: MySQL, Oracle, MS SQL Server.

  • Convert programs developed with legacy tools into modern web applications.
  • Migrate primary records to any preferences database without losing productivity.
  • We restructure the app with Access, VBA, Classic ASP in a continuous transition recording time.
  • Legacy programs can be limited by network, security and different infrastructure problems that can be overcome by web development.

Key System: Microsoft .Net.

Mobile Development

Any company may find it difficult to maintain the latest ultramodern technologies. The technological advances these days have been around mobile generation. More and more customers are asking for interaction with the company through their mobile devices.

We help companies meet the needs of their customers, create aesthetic solutions, effectively deliver corporate images, choose the best alternatives, make the most of your money and get a return on your investment.

  • Ios Software
  • Android app Programming
  • Hybrid software development
  • Xamarin Software Development
  • Getting Started with iOS 5.0
  • Qualified use of Objective-C and X-code developers
  • Connect with camera and recorder
  • Create online and offline programs that synchronize data with the server
  • Applications evolve with many back-end systems - Azure, Parse, Magento and SalesForce
  • Rich experience in creating custom internet services to support mobile solutions

The main tools: Objective-C, iOS SDK, Cocoa Touch, Xcode, SQL Lite.

  • Android program developed from Android 4
  • Developers proficient in Android SDK and Java
  • Experienced interfaces with digital cameras and voice recorders
  • Develop advanced online and offline applications that synchronize data with the server
  • IT companies with numerous backend platforms - Parse, Magento, Azure and SalesForce
  • Experience scaling to create custom network solutions

The main tools: Android SDK, SQL Lite, Java.

  • More and more experience with PhoneGap and Cordova
  • Write cross-platform programs for iOS, Android and Windows
  • Use CSS, HTML5, and JavaScript

Key device: using a variety of JavaScript frameworks - JQuery mobile, Angular.js.

  • Xamarin app developed since 2013
  • Authorized consulting partners
  • Developers ะก # .Net with extensive experience
  • Create a program using the format Xamarin, Xamarin + SalesForce, Xamarin + Parse, and Xamarin + Magento

Share common code with portable class libraries between Android and iOS to save time and money.

Do I need a mobile app?

Every business owner or product manager has a question about whether they need a mobile app. Because this is a completely new technology trend, there is a shortage of a bus without the digital solution.

Ask the questions below and, if the answer is yes, you absolutely must have a mobile app.

Does your audience interact with your company or company through web-based packages?

Do you sell products online?

Would you benefit if a customer interacts with you anywhere?

Will consumers update their products or services on their smartphones for a short period of time?

  • Do I need to create a new one?
  • I have a website, how to make it a mobile app?
  • What kinds of applications are there?
  • Do I need an iOS or Android app?
  • Who owns the app?
  • How long does it take to build the software?
  • What is the cost in the US?

Before you decide to build a product, you should check whether a similar product can be your business platform. In this case, there is no reason to create a new one. You can simply register as a service user on this platform, and customers can get services or products through common applications. However, if a ready product lacks some of the key features, then this is a valid argument for custom software development.

If you need to display the page on your phone then it "looks" like a mobile app, so you really do not need an app. At the US headquarters, developers can turn sites into sensitive or responsive sites that work seamlessly on mobile devices.

If a website on the Internet does not have any complicated interaction with the user, a responsive solution is sufficient.

Technically, there are two - native and mixed.

The native solution evolved from the SDK's proprietary programming language. Apple's native programs are written in Objective-C and iOS SDK. Android is written in Java and Android SDK.

The mixed programs are developed using HTML and JavaScript and the code can be ported from one platform to another. They ported to iOS and Android using Phonegap and other similar devices.

Local solutions are favored when products require complex device interfaces and execute UI operations quickly. If the program is simple, the database transactions and the mixed behavior of the user interface are acceptable, the price of a hybrid app may be lower.

It depends on the customer base. In the US, the number of people using iOS and Android is almost the same. In many other countries, Android is more regular than iOS. You can first create one platform app and then create the app for another platform.

In short, "who created it." If you are developing payment products from scratch, make sure that your agreement with your service provider indicates that you own the intellectual property of the software. When working with our company, you are protected by the contract and will have full ownership of the final product.

Although this meets your needs and the complexity of the project, a simple app can be built in 4-6 weeks. For a complex system that requires a database, back-end services can take 12 weeks or more. The time here does not include "team size" - it depends on actual requirements. These estimates are for comparison reasons only.

You can create local products from 15k or more. And when you add more features, the cost will be higher. For hybrid solutions, the price may be lower.