Windows Phone App Development for Business Companies

We know how to create easy-to-use, efficient and reliable Windows Phone apps and multi-platform solutions for small and large companies.

Our company is a longtime Microsoft Certified Partner with proven mobile capabilities and more. In the field of Microsoft technology, we pay special attention to Windows Phone, Windows RT and Windows Embedded Compact.

Smart Apps Business Success

Our software development organization designs and builds custom Windows Phone apps, based on the SDKs and mobile utilities. We can work out a high-tech solutions for enterprise mobility and integrates with the company's existing web services and internal nets and portals as well as provide continuous support and maintenance.

  • Collaboration: Our developers create the best-in-class phone programs and solutions that deliver critical business data and resource access anytime, anywhere, ensuring efficient and seamless collaboration between your employees, partners, and customers.
  • User Experience Loyalty: Windows app development teams extend mobile processes through appropriate mechanisms to provide adequate consumer engagement and retention, including in-app purchases and targeted advertising.
  • Successful performance: specialization in mobile design and low-level programming, leveraging the tool's hardware capabilities, optimizing overall software program performance, and maximizing ROI for any Windows Phone app development effort.
  • Domain experience
  • Maximize your phone power
  • Proven growth strategy
  • Mobile backend: open architecture for scalability and reduced protection costs

Our company is an international industry leader and technology divider, a reliable long-term technology partner, a support for innovative companies and bold startups. Our team's areas of expertise are best suited for building mobile apps and Windows-based solutions at the forefront of modern trends.

  • Corporate Liquidity
  • Incident management
  • Virtual Image
  • Move PoV
  • Mobile SDK
  • Low-level phone app
  • Distribution of media content
  • Video streaming
  • Smartphone app
  • Business data, workflows, and resources

Developers have expanded their superior telephony and distributed mobility solutions that seamlessly integrate with enterprise databases, apps and fabrics. We provide clean, efficient and easy-to-use Windows apps for ecommerce, B2B, B2C and B2E support solutions.

We rely on years of experience in embedded software development and low-level programming to create powerful handset programs that optimize overall performance and maximize the efficiency of hardware assets such as CPUs, GPUs, automotive cameras.

Our IT organization is aligned with high quality development practices to provide transparency and expert guidance at every level of production - from analysis and essential specifications to prototypes, app store improvements and releases, or in enterprise environments.

Native app

We specialize in the development of native Windows apps. When designing a Windows Phone app, we consider all the details of the target platform. The development team may also have considerable experience in porting Windows, iOS and Android software.

Multiplatform development

Using a variety of tools and effective structures such as Xamarin, Cocos2D-X, Unity, Marmalade, Corona, Flash Air and UDK, professionals can effectively address the complexity of cross-platform development. We will take you through all levels of SDLC with minimum and short-term risk costs for the market.

Our development team builds an efficient, easy-to-manage and maintain back-end architecture for enterprise mobility and mobile software solutions. With a practical and interdisciplinary understanding of hardware, firmware and software programs, we can discover the hardware limitations of the devices and turn them into opportunities by creating thoughtful structures, smart companies and layers of data.

The perfect look on all screens

Customers and partners harness the power of great data to capture and consolidate different sections of content material for meaningful and friendly presentations across a broad range of mobile phones and other portable devices as well as robust electronic devices. We guarantee that the interaction with your app will be equally user-friendly on all screens, including the lowest resolution.

Backend starts from scratch

Our team develops back-end solutions that maintain and manage data in the background and bring HTML and media content to your apps because your business vision is about using the mobile solution.

Integration layer

Back-end developers create intermediate server-side APIs and solutions, create connectors and middleware, seamlessly integrate Windows apps into current Web-based systems, or bring mobile endpoints to the corporate Web infrastructure.

Predicts the next Windows climax

As the Windows platform has a decent stake in preserving our core app development capabilities, we consider the look of Windows 10 for desktops and smartphones, which is the industry's primary focus. Our team decided to try to turn the platform.

  • Extended Features
  • Revolutionary Microsoft technology
  • Multiplatform development

The Universal Platform of Windows aims at a wide range of gadgets with unique form factors, as well as access modes, adaptive user interface controls, new layout panels, API contracts, etc. Windows 10 has these and many other different features. We hope to provide users with dozens of app ideas for Windows users, including solutions for computer users and machine-level software such as drivers.

Stay in touch with Microsoft and our company is one of the first technology organizations to access and investigate the high-speed video APIs on Windows Phone. Unlike competing operating systems, such as iOS, Windows is one of the pioneers that lets you capture slow-motion video. In a similar situation, when an important technical detail is lost or difficult to achieve, the developer will explore all possibilities. So we just built absent from scratch and got the best results.

We like to participate in the use of technology projects, but can not be widely used in the market. Whether your next big project needs some unreachable technology or the tools it needs is still a developing product that provides a powerful lever in engineering and hardware development and development contexts and years of hands-on experience, Lack of elements together.

  • Language of development: C #
  • Structure: Windows Phone SDK, Direct X, Xamarin, PhoneGap, MVVM, Light, Silverlight Toolkit
  • Presentation layer: HTML + CSS, XAML, Direct X
  • Data warehousing: SQL CE (LINQ to SQL); orchestrated storage for SQLite
  • Development Environment: JIRA, Visual Studio, Confluence
  • Other tools: XAML spy, Windows Phone simulator

Our professionals are dedicated to supporting organizations with the key benefits of software solutions by addressing issues in the growing mobile market segment. Multiplatform development for Windows, Android, iOS and other basic platforms, with short delivery time, the advantages of low implementation costs.

Appropriate equipment is available

Our development team is well-versed in a variety of great tools, frameworks and ideas to create flexible business software and customer apps that enable cross-platform compatibility testing

With deep experience in JavaScript, HTML and CSS, Web developers are ready to take advantage of their existing programming capabilities by leveraging cross-platform tools to enhance their implementation.

  • Tools: Xamarin, Sencha Touch, PhoneGap, Appcelerator, Monocross, Codename One, Kony, Convertigo

How We Produce Excellent Custom Solutions

Our IT company is a multi-stakeholder, focused, transparent and stable test-driven process that works with a common purpose - to enable customers to achieve their goals through cutting-edge technology and tools that we know how to improve or excel.

Our goal is to provide the highest load of work and personnel for each task, taking into account not only the technical issues but also the needs of the client's business.

  • Transparency of the process
  • Quality assurance
  • Project Management

Project management, functional and fault tracking, and content and information management progress are always transparent throughout the project lifecycle and delivered to customers through on-line mission tools. We implement seamless integration so customers keep tabs on the latest code updates and project schedules.

Steps and iterations

In general, the custom development process includes the following steps:

  • RFP process
  • Business analysis
  • Planning
  • Design
  • Development
  • Quality assurance
  • Deploy and integrate
  • Care and support

Depending on the details of risk or customer requirements, levels may change order, run in parallel, ignore or repeat. Each section can also include many iterations.

An iteration is a time period in the challenge timeline that has a fixed goal and a fast delivery - the client discusses and authorizes in advance. The iteration is difficult and faster than the assignment level and can not be changed or omitted. This simplifies the process and leaves a logical, step-by-step movement.

Our team provides artifacts at the end of each iteration. These can include software packages and data, source code, installation packages, documentation, and more. All deliveries (from source code to running installations and user guides) are 100% transferable and you do not have to trust us.

Our custom development services help meet our core business objectives while minimizing total cost of ownership and balancing resource utilization throughout the distributed production cycle.

There is an in-house team of QA experts from different areas of expertise - mobile apps, desktop and web software, firmware and embedded systems. This separation ensures greater service satisfaction through an independent technical focus on the aggregation of information and experience and a more transparent method to keep QQ experts involved in all stages of production to provide the best level of quality possible.

The team implements a continuous quality assurance that provides continuous test coverage in parallel with programming and coding throughout the software life cycle - from essential and deliverable items to the promotion of the final product. Uninterrupted QA Approach - There are many tangible benefits for QA engineers when they are assigned to the early stages of their tasks, including code quality and cost effectiveness.

The conclusion of the development and delivery of the product is through well coordinated activities:

  • Directly established and developed by our team
  • Close coordination with customer representatives
  • When necessary, carefully select and control your partner group

Team members focus on monitoring the situation and, in case of danger, review it, track each case, and explore and communicate in multiple scenarios. To keep the risks in the right direction, we meet weekly to review the danger and get approved on time.

Every aspect of the production process is driven by the relative importance of the three dimensions of project management flexibility: schedule, skill and price.

To do this, let's start with the following assumptions about your priorities and versatility:

  • The time line is usually the least flexible dimension because too late a value is of little value to the solution delivered to the market.
  • The set of resources specified for the solution can be particularly flexible and the commitments can be considered to meet the schedule requirements.
  • To meet the schedule or to maintain preferred characteristics, commitment to costs can be considered.

We always find the right solution for Windows Phone app development cases and achieve overall project satisfaction for your customers and staff.